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About Nuethix Forumulations and their supplements

In 2006, I stepped onto a bodybuilding sport out of a desire to prove how far I could take what was known about my brittle bone disease, Osteogenesis Imperfecta.

It was all personal. 

I never thought others would find my life journey interesting as I wouldn’t live a life less than what I believed I could achieve. 

Not a single workout of mine was ever inspired in hopes of being considered inspirational or motivational.

I showed up each day for myself because I love nothing more than competition. 

It demands the best of you to show up daily regardless of how you feel or what you want to do. 

So here I am, this brittle bone amateur bodybuilding nobody, when I was approached to sponsor a brand that aligned closely with my values and commitment to excellence.

Supplements have always been something I have invested in since I was 15, when I first got started, when protein drinks were not what they are now. 

There is optimal, and there is maximal. 

I know that I only pursue maximal things. 

This is why I view myself as the refined sports machine that runs only on the best. 😉

Rather than sell you this stack or that supplement, try to replace your greens and protein supplements with theirs for a month and see how you feel. 

It’s all I ask for you to do once to support a sponsor of mine.

use the discount code Relentless10


*NuEthix Formulations is a sponsor of ATG: After Dark

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