I am a firm believer in doing everything you can do for your mental health, and that is why I always recommend having your hormone levels checked.

Knowing where your thyroid, cholesterol, and testosterone levels are is crucial to maintaining your vibe and an energized and vitalized mind.

With over 19 years as a health coach under my belt, I can tell you men as young as 22 are seen to have not only low testosterone levels but also low thyroid levels and other things that can lead to long-term consequences that just plain suck to think about.

For years, it has always frustrated me with how men have been treated by their health practitioners.

Especially when they go to talk about their “testosterone levels” with their doctor.

I know it is already hard as hell to sit there and tell a doctor you feel like you are walking through quicksand daily or are too tired that you pass on sex more than you should.

Countless men have told me how they felt they were never “heard” or brushed off as “normal” by their doctor, even though they were miserable mentally and physically.

Knowing that men face this problem when bringing up the taboo subject of “testosterone therapy” and whether it might be right for them to see their doctor has led me to partner with a brand that will hear you and help you achieve the desired results.

Rather than sell you on what hormone therapy can do for you, you need first even to see if you might be a candidate.

That is why advancedvitalityhrt is offering $25 off your initial set of labs so that all men can see what’s going on under the hood per se.

The best part is if you don’t need hormone therapy, they are going to give you suggestions that should help you find the results and restoration you are looking for.

Your approach to health doesn’t have to be reactive. Take a moment to schedule your labs today by taking advantage of this offer and be proactive in the years ahead of you!

Keep the promises you make to yourself always,


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