Mindset Is Everything – 1 Thing You Can Do TODAY That Will Change Your Direction

Mindset Is Everything

Mindset Is Everything – One Thing You Can Do TODAY That Will Change Your Direction

How many promises do you make yourself and fail to keep?

Have you started the diet you need to follow to lose the extra 10 pounds you gained over the holidays?

How many workouts have you skipped?

How does getting out of debt look when you roll over Sunday morning to see your bar tab from the night before?

Do you keep the promises you make yourself? 

Most people do not. 

The conversations of compromise we will have with ourselves break more promises than keep them. 

Pain and fear of failure hold many back from ever really trying.

Breaking promises we make to ourselves is a habit we should avoid.

When I was thirteen, doctors told me walking without some aid was going to be near impossible due to my brittle bones.

It didn’t help there were two instances already in which my leg broke in half from walking.

I believed that after all my physical pain in my youth, things would eventually get better.

That means I did not listen to a lot of people.

It also means I kept the promise I made myself to prove the doctor wrong who said it. 

Mindset Is Everything – I refused to accept the “this is how it will always be” message because people who tell you those words believe them.

Anyone who tells you that is the way will eventually drag you back to where they are.

Those people barely keep any promises they make themselves.

A good example is Planet Fitness, which has an empire built on creating the idea of being intimidated by going to the gym.

Do you know what kind of people are intimidated by the gym?

People who break promises to themselves.

Rather than work out, they go for tanning or massage beds.

Planet Fitness banks on you being weak-minded enough to forgo taking care of yourself with a $20 membership you might use here and there.

Bank accounts other than yours get richer because you do not keep the promise to yourself, knowing you are too lazy and scared to face change.

Failing is part of chasing excellence.

Realize you always have a say in the outcome if you stand up for yourself.

Becoming fearless happens when you face your fears.

Along the path of facing your fears comes growth. From growth, you will experience failure and success.

Each has a lesson of spoils and glory for the story.

Mindset Is Everything – When your character is getting tested, the look of what stares back at you in the mirror builds or destroys you the most.

The resolve…

The fear….

The sacrifices….

The unremembered…

What it took to make it through, you will never forget.

Every choice, decision, and belief comes down to being bearers of nothing more than tests.

Those moments when your words mean something and you keep your promises will be things you will remember forever.


Your character will never stop being tested.

You will only make some right decisions.

You only have to make peace with every right decision you make.

I have learned keeping promises to myself gives me peace above all else.

Mindset Is Everything – Journal Prompt: What does your peace mean to you? Does keeping the promises you make yourself make or break the peace you might have with yourself?

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