Back Workout – My Current 5 Go To Exercises For Amazing Results

Back Workout

Back Workout – My Current 5 Go To Exercise!

Here Is my latest Back workout I have been enjoying using wiIh myself and competition clients lately who want a more muscular back.

I write my workouts where the reps are different each week, along with the volume rotating between 4, 5, and 6 sets depending on If I am pushing things or de-loading my training volume to heal up and recover a training cycle.

An example would be one work the reps would be 5-10. In the other workout, all reps were 20.

The weekly switch back and forth helped my clients make progress from week to week in their exercises as I would always strive to add reps before adding weight from week to week for them. I also push them to find the weight that Is really hard for the desired number of reps. Keeping notes on your phone or an app like I use with my clients Is helpful.

Give this workout a try If you need something new and fresh to try. It Is a lot of volume in terms of sets. Please work your way up to this because balancing workouts to your Individual recovery capabilities Is the real hack to building muscle.

Back Workout – Back Workout From 03/01/2024 – My Current Goal Is To Add More Muscle To My Back 

Close Grip Pulldown– 5 sets of 10. With a slight arch of your chest, begin pulling your elbows down to the front of your hipline to engage your lats and not your upper back. YOUR FULL range of motion Is best for all exercises. Tempo Is 2 seconds down with a 1 second hold before taking 4 seconds to return to the start. This exercise I love to open my back workouts with as It Is easy to get a good groove going with.

Seated One Arm Cable Rows– 5 sets of 8. I love this exercise because I can get a really good connection with my lat. With your chest upright, make sure to keep your elbow tight to your side as you pull your arm back making sure your elbow crosses your hip bone. Tempo Is 2 seconds pulling back with a hard 1 second contraction then returning slowly over 3 seconds.

After doing these two exercises my lats are really pumped.

Back Workout – Two Exercises I Have Not Used Since 2017.

Barbell Pullovers—Okay, so this is a weird way of doing it that Arnold and his crew did back in the day, which means I love It. Grab an Ez-Bar on the closer handles as you perform a pullover just as you would with a dumbbell, but use a barbell Instead. It’s gonna be fire.

Smith Machine Bent Over Rows – 5 sets of 6. Yeah, I know, not a hammer-strength machine In which you add a handle attachment to make you look good on the ‘gram. Instead, this bread and butter has been a staple since 1996 In my workouts, and for good reason – It’s boring and works. Bending over at a 100-degree angle, I explode the barbell Into my belly button as I keep the tempo very smooth over 4 seconds with no pauses. I prefer constant contraction for this exercise; therefore, my reps do not stop at any point In the movement.

These two put the icing on the cake for me.

Back Workout – Lower Back Training With A Hurt Back

In October 2023, I was given the green light to train my lower back again after being diagnosed with spondylolisthesis grade 1 slippage at L5/S1. After a lot of physical therapy and chiropractic work, I got back to training in the gym, which I like. With all that said, keeping my lower back safe is my top priority. I like Rack Deadlifts on a Smith Machine because the bar is stabilized, and I can really hold my core tight (sucking my stomach back to my spine) on each rep. This exercise has helped me recover, but I started very lightly and with 20 reps as I took my time adding weight and dropping reps. If you try this exercise, video yourself and be honest about how good your form is. I chose not to be afraid of my lower back injury and instead decided to look at it as a wake-up call to train better and smarter at 43.

Smith Machine Rack Deadlifts—5 sets of 10. This is another boring but fruitful exercise. Deadlifts have built more backs than any other exercise. Using a rack that allows the barbell to go down to the mid shins takes the hips out of the movement, making it more back-focused, especially your lower back and erectors.

Back Workout – I Love Volume

At 43, I find myself preferring more sets, a little less weight, and my reps between 12-20 than the usual 6-10 I did for 29 years. My joints feel the best they have in a while, and my recovery is better than before. Not taking every set to failure but choosing to wear a muscle down through volume has helped me enjoy working out again and my body feeling envigorated again. Give this workout a try, and let me know what you think!
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