Iodized Sea Salt – Game Changing Discovery I Made To Improve 3 Things: Memory, Energy, And Eliminate Brain Fog.

iodized sea salt
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Iodized Sea Salt – Game-Changing Discovery I Made To Improve 3 Things: Memory, Energy, And Eliminate Brain Fog.

First, though, here is a little behind-the-scenes on why Iodine is coming back into popularity. It is because we no longer get a lot of it from our food and our daily life clogs our chances of absorbing it.

“The Bromide Dominance Theory?”

I spoke about this in my last presentation on the micronutrient, “Iodine.” Over the course of 45 minutes, I explained how we get less of it now, the need for it, and client case studies, I presented where memory and energy went up, and brain fog disappeared.

Bromide came on the scene in the early 70s, and the war on salt moved into full swing in the early 70s.

Since then, there has been a growing trend in two things: breast cancer and hypothyroidism.
We know that our environment, which exposes us to toxins and chemicals, can contribute to increased cancer risk. This makes the bromide dominance theory even more interesting, as we have added it to our foods, furniture, and other everyday items since the 1970s.
Lynne Farrow, author of “The Iodine Crisis,” points out that our “iodine deficiency” might be a problem we created for ourselves.

“A bromide dominance condition may develop when bromine, acquired through environmental, occupational, iatrogenic, or dietary exposure, causes bromine levels in the body to rise to a high enough level to inhibit iodine enzyme metabolism. Iodine supplementation alters the competitive bromine-iodine relation, causing bromide excretion. Thus, bromine dominance is diminished, and proper iodine enzyme metabolism may be restored.” -Farrow.

Mind blown, right? Mine was! The breasts need a significant amount of Iodine, supporting the hypothesis that Farrow has made.

With bromide use increasing in our everyday life coupled with decreased iodine levels we consume, you can see the argument she is making as breast cancer has been on the rise since the 70s among women.

Iodized Sea Salt – Game Changing Discovery I Made To Improve 3 Things: Memory, Energy, And Eliminate Brain Fog.

The other is that Iodine is needed for thyroid health. Your body does not make Iodine, so you must get it from food sources.

Given that the American diet, followed by many today, is full of processed foods, and women tend to eat considerably less than needed for proper hormone and metabolic health, you can quickly see how things start to seem plausible.

Go organic as often as you can afford to. For non-brominated products, you have to check the list of what has the product in it and go from there. I tell my clients to read food labels in order to better understand what they are putting into their bodies.

Shop for non-brominated products, especially mattresses, which are the biggest offenders. One-third of our lives are spent in bed; you should start here first.

Avoid commercial bakery products as the products they use, flour as one example, contain bromine. You should also look because Bronated vegetable oil, or BVO, is used to stabilize citrus flavors in sodas and fruity drinks.

If you are looking for two great books on salt and Iodine, they are “The Salt Fix” and “The Iodine Crisis.” Both offered compelling data based on better research into salt’s benefits on our health and longevity.

Iodized Sea Salt – Now, my personal story with Iodine.

After devouring a few books and skimming all the internet search black holes I could muster, I decided to try Iodine first. The Recommended Dietary Allowance for Iodine is 150 micrograms. Given you can sweat out a significant amount of Iodine through strenuous and intense exercise (PMID: 16175493), I figured I probably needed to start above the RDA, but where? That is when an author named Jason Hommel gave me some direction to aim at.

I began at 300mcg daily, split into two doses – upon waking and mid-day. Within a week, I felt more there in my head. I was more alert and quicker in responses, but I could focus again for longer than five minutes.

For a few months, I took my doses above 500mcg to 700mcg, and there was no difference in how I felt. From that point, I settled on 300mcg, which I have stayed at for some time now. I have to note that Iodine helps detox fluoride from your body, so if you get nauseous, this is normal and can last for a few weeks.

Given the lack of resources on the quality of foods filled with Iodine, supplementing with Iodine through iodized salt and other supplement forms, such as Lugol’s, is an excellent start to nourishing your thyroid, where it is a metabolic machine rather than the disappointment you think it is. I know some of my clients utilize Iodine based on their needs, and they have significantly benefited from it.

Start low, go slow, and see if it might help you.

I recommend my clients purchase iodized sea salt to ensure they are getting the benefits to their health they need to make sure they succeed at their weight loss, fat loss, and muscle building goals they have set for themselves.

Lack of nourishment due to micronutrient deficiencies such as Iodine is the first step in weight loss, or fat-loss resistant people you should investigate. When you consistently consume the building materials your body needs, you might be shocked by what you see results-wise.

I hope you enjoyed this article on the benefits of selecting iodized sea salt over regular sea salt.

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