Impaired Fasting Glucose? How I Went From 110 To 82 With My Blood Sugars In 60 Days

impaired fasting glucose
she went from 110-120 fasting blood sugar levels to under 90 quickly with understanding what causes blood sugar problems in the first place.

Impaired Fasting Glucose? How I Went From 110 To 82 With My Blood Sugars In 60 Days

As a health and fitness coach, I get a lot of questions about insulin sensitivity and what your blood glucose (BG) numbers might mean on a blood glucometer.
If fasting BG is over 100, you are doing pretty much going on your first date with type 2 diabetes (126 BG number for T2D).
Also, having BG over 100 is a great way to create low inflammation around the clock, which means all your health & fitness goals will be super-duper hard to achieve.
Plus, chronic inflammation is the precursor to chronic disease.
As a nutrition coach, I like to see fasting BG 85 or below as being ideal.
Research recently noted the following:
“The optimal fasting glucose levels for mortality (80–94 mg/dL) were generally the same regardless of sex and age. Prediabetic hyperglycemia was associated with excess mortality, especially in the range of 110–125 mg/dL.” Read more here
If you are 100 or so, then some questions need to be answered:
1)Are you properly hydrated?
2)How many hours of sleep did you get?
3)What is stress like – since cortisol will cause BG levels to elevate
4)What is your digestion? Are you constipated? Gassy? Bloated?
5)Recent blood work to determine if there are hormone imbalances.
6)What is macronutrient breakdown? Perhaps you need to lower carbs and raise fats?
7)What is your salt intake?
8)Family history of insulin resistance
9)Activity level and NEAT
10)The dawn phenomenon
These are just a few things I like to work with and rule out step by step when working with my clients on their longevity and health.

Impaired Fasting Glucose: Can You Reverse Them?

Usually when blood sugar numbers are high you can reverse them with a properly laid out diet and exercise plan. Medication isn’t your first option unless you try your best to not move as much as possible everyday.
Blood glucose monitoring is great biofeedback to help you get the results for the work you put in and health and longevity.
I use blood glucose montioring with my clients to help them understand if they are inflammed, which you often see with numbers over 100.
If you are in a state of inflammation you can think of that as your body on fire. If your body is in this state do you think it is going to drop body fat or build muslce? Probably not.
But, now you are aware of a bigger picture to what could be causing your impaired fasting glucose numbers.
Though there is one more thing I want you to be aware of and that is the effect stress has on your health.
Impaired Fasting Glucose? Stess And It’s Impact On Blood Sugar Numbers: Could This Be The Problem For You?
Are you always stressed?
Feel like you are walking through quicksand from the sound of alarm till you fall into bed only to find yourself unable to sleep?
Well, there is a reason for that and it is based on your body’s response to stress.
You have 2 branches of your nervous system, your rest and digest side (PNS) and your fight or flight (SNS).
Your fight or flight response creates brief bursts of energy for activity via a hormone known as cortisol.
Cortisol typically inhibits the production of itself continuously. However, when you are under chronic stress, this natural inhibition can be disrupted, which then can cause cortisol to become elevated over time.
When your body is stressed continuously, your body will eventually become resistant to insulin, which is known as insulin resistance, which means your body cannot store glucose properly, leading to inflammation and ultimately fat gain.
With high cortisol comes insulin resistance. This means cortisol is in your bloodstream sending the signal to keep making glucose to fuel a threat.
To help your body cope with elevated blood sugar levels, it raises insulin levels to help shuttle the glucose where it is supposed to go.
This causes inflammation, conversion of glucose to triglycerides for fat storage, and insulin resistance.
One way you see stress and fat gain correlate to those under chronic stress who fold fat or store fat in their belly area more so than anywhere else.
This is due to an enzyme known as HSD. Fat cells in your belly love cortisol more than anywhere else. And since you are eating all those carbs with insulin resistance, they go towards fat storage.
Fat cells in your belly love cortisol more than anywhere else.
All the extra fat storage can mean excess estrogen and offset hormones because fat cells can convert testosterone to estrogen.
If you are working out and doing all the right things, I suggest some blood work with complete hormone panels and vitamin and mineral levels.
Stress is the new enemy in your health & fitness goals. Because of the impact stress has on results, I work with my clients to understand how their bodies adapt or recover from all the stress they are exposed to through blood glucose monitoring, HRV measurements, and other biofeedback.
Blood glucose monitoring is great biofeedback to help you get the results for your work health and longevity.
I recommend trying to wake up without an alarm and being rushed the moment you start your day. If your day starts in fire, odds are you are dumping cortisol and increasing blood glucose levles.
I know I also suffer from “white coat syndrome” aka the moment I see a doctor I am stressed.
This can led to impaired fasting glucose levels your doctors check along with how long from when you got up till your fasting blood work was taken. Your body has to fuel itself somehow.
A fasting insulin blood marker should be pulled before considering medication. If that is high, dietary intervention goes a long way, so start before medication. Walking after meals also helps blunt blood glucose spikes after eating and improves digestion!
As you can see, impaired fasting glucose levels can come from us at all angles. Dig in and see what healthy lifestyle interventions will do for you. And if you need help, feel free to reach out!
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