Meal Prep for Weight Loss:My Personal Breakthrough On How I Overcame Eating Out Socially and Making Peace With Dieting After 29 Years!

Meal Prep For Weight Loss
Meal Prep for Weight Loss: How I Overcame Eating Out Socially and Making Peace With Dieting After 29 Years!

Meal Prep For Weight Loss: A Personal Journey to Optimal Nutrition, Overcoming Anxiety With Food In Social Settings, and Stress Management

Socially, eating used to pose a significant challenge for me, especially considering my bone disease. Over the past 5 years, I’ve meticulously narrowed my food choices to a select group of proteins, carbs, and fats that I know digest well for my body.

I’ve embraced this approach and often advise my clients to view their nutrition journey through a similar lens when embarking on a fresh start or reboot in their health and fitness endeavors.

Managing inflammation is essential, especially as we age. Uncontrolled inflammation can accelerate the aging process and prolong the presence of dull aches and pains. Personally, I’ve found it necessary to better handle my inflammation to alleviate discomfort caused by my bone disease in my daily life.

Rather than dwelling on the challenges, I’ve chosen to accept the situation and focus on proactive measures to manage it effectively.

Some of the foods I ate inflamed me based on the chemicals and ingredients or disagreed. Recognizing the impact on my blood sugar levels, I made a conscious effort to keep them more stable as a simple yet effective way to prevent my body from becoming an inflamed mess.

Meal Prep For Weight Loss: Sweet Potatoes Vs. White Potatoes

In the late 2000s, the health consensus was clear: “Jeff, eat sweet potatoes; they are the best.” However, after years of feeling unwell, I decided to delve into blood glucose monitoring. To my surprise, I discovered that my blood glucose was still high at 160g two hours after consuming 50g of carbs from a sweet potato.

Curious, I conducted a similar experiment with white potatoes, which happened to be on sale that week. The results were enlightening – my blood glucose remained in the 90s two hours after consuming 50g of carbs from the white potato.

This pattern extended to brown rice, causing inflammation, and white rice had no such effect. Interestingly, some of my clients have experienced the opposite effect, feeling better after switching their food sources to reduce inflammation and improve gut health.

Meal Prep For Weight Loss: Is It OK to Eat The Same Thing Every Day?Yes! I do it because it goes back to saving myself from having to think. I believe it is ok to eat the same thing repeatedly if you want to. It does not mean you have some eating disorder, either. Eating based on your feelings is key to maintaining your health and fitness progress. Try this approach the next time you start or reboot your nutrition plan.

Feeling good should be just as important as looking good.

But how you handle your stress is why I decided to put my food on an automated schedule, along with not much thought going into it. I am 43 and exhausted by the end of the day. The absolute last thing I want to think about is cooking dinner.

Managing stress for a client, it is essential to get their nutrition first and foremost consistent, but also on a timed schedule.

Sure, there are times that you may have to intermittently fast, but those are dependent on each person. You have read or heard to intermittent fast for 16 hours or 20 hours, or even that it doesn’t matter when you eat; it is total calories in and out, which in certain situations might be applicable.

But you are screwing yourself and not even realizing it.

When you are stressed out, your body does not differentiate the stress. It just had a total balance of pressure it could handle before it broke, and things got a whack for you.

One stressor I see clients putting on themselves, and they are not even aware of, is a “hypoglycemic problem.” Most clients usually have a hyperglycemic problem, but I have found that in some cases, clients skipping meals causes them to have a stress response where they then release cortisol. This stress hormone keeps them stuck in lack of results purgatory.

They were walking in the abyss with no candle, and that sucks.

Once your body begins healing and getting healthy and functioning well daily, it functions better daily. If you are tracking your blood sugars, you can watch this unfold.

I now know what I feel like when my BG is in the 70s, where it is getting low for me, as everyone has their own “range,” I have discovered with clients tracking this data point.

Guess what happened when I ignored the symptoms? It eventually passed once the feeling like absolute dog shit and shakes passed. 30 minutes after the symptoms stopped, my BG was in the low 90s. It spiked due to cortisol being released as your body wants blood sugars to be stable, which means a constant influx.

Releasing cortisol all the time isn’t a good thing either. This is why, when planning meals, you should consider having your meals balanced regarding macronutrients at each meal and timing.

When working to take the stress off a client, you need to consider their lifestyle, and missing meals or poor meal timing could be one reason they are stuck in neutral no matter how well they follow their macros or healthy food choices.

If you are stressed out, I suggest working on lowering it. One way to help out is by taking BG numbers before meals. If they are always over 120 with 3 hours between meals, you have some insulin issues going on and more activity combined with a lower carb, higher fat approach might be the better fit.

Meal prep for weight loss is more than just the foods you eat; it is your schedule, the quality of your non-processed food, and managing your stress to allow your body to be nourished and respond to your efforts.

I hope you found this helpful! I always seek information that has helped my clients while sharing my health and fitness journey with you all.

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