How Much Sodium Per Day To Lose Weight? The Power Of Salt – Add It To Give Your Thyroid and Metabolism A Boost! Salt Is Not A Dirty 4 Letter Word

How Much Sodium Per Day To Lose Weight? The Power Of Salt – Add It To Give Your Thyroid and Metabolism A Boost!

how much sodium per day to lose weight
Learn about how more salt with iodine is your need to get your thyroid kicked into high gear again.
Salt is a dirty four-letter word.
But as our salt consumption has steadily declined since the 70s, when the war on salt began, so has our health as well.
With the rage of low-carb diets over the last decade as the quick fixes, people need to stay “motivated” to drop the pounds. There have been many who drop the pounds, gain them back, and then some to never lose it again.
When you eat fewer carbs, you hold less water, which means you retain less salt, so you see those pounds fall off before anything else happens.
But over time, on these diets, you go from feeling great to awful, and that is due to the depletion of your body’s levels of salt.
When insulin resistance is high, and the person needs a low-carb diet to lower their blood sugar levels and insulin levels, you have to monitor their salt intake because low salt intake over time leads to insulin resistance, keeping you stuck in a loop.
A hormone, aldosterone, is released when salt gets low, and this makes your body reabsorb salt because, without a proper amount of salt, you will die.
When aldosterone is released, it provokes insulin release, which translates into insulin resistance.
Did you know that iodine consumption has dropped 50% since the 1970s?
Did you know hypothyroidism (slow thyroid) is on a pretty good upward trend in our population?
It would help if you had iodine to help power your thyroid, but you have been getting robbed of this vital nutrient for optimal health and wellness due to a series of events.
This is partly due to a terrible research article written on it and the introduction of processed foods combined with the war on salt.
Have you ever heard of Bromine? Would it shock you to know that this chemical came on the scene in the 70s, and it competes for the iodine receptor as well?
Take Bromine, the decrease of iodine through public education on what to eat, and big business, and you see correspondence to the dramatic rises in breast cancer, prostate cancer, and thyroid disease?
If you are a woman, your breasts, ovaries, and thyroid need iodine for their functional health.
Men, your prostate would love some iodine, too, unless you want issues there, which I am gonna say you don’t.
Did you know that iodized salt, when opened, evaporates over time? I didn’t, but I also had to read about the importance of salting my food to learn to ensure I put enough on my food.
Is it a coincidence that at the same time the war on salt began in the 50s, there was an explosion of growth in the processed food market that is loaded with the other S, known as sugar?
When you dig into the science of it all and the terrible studies funded by food companies, you get an accurate picture of how salt became the fall guy for food companies.
Let me give you an excellent example to show you how A hormone, aldosterone, is released when salt gets low and what this makes your body reabsorb salt because without a proper amount of salt, or you will die.
When aldosterone is released, it provokes insulin release, translating into insulin resistance.
Is it any coincidence that insulin resistance is the number one thing coaches are working with their clients on restoring, along with gut health and hormones, since we all know everything is connected and not separate?
Not one bit.
Iodine is your friend. Salt is your friend. Iodized salt is a start, but you should look at food sources to add to your diet or replace to ensure you are getting the RDA amount of 150mcg/daily you need for health.
I have personally salted meals since reading “The Salt Fix” 3 years ago or so. My blood pressure became normal. I felt better, and my recent blood work showed an insulin number of 4, and my fasted blood glucose numbers are anywhere from 65-75.
Salt also impacts your thyroid levels. Iodized salt is what I recommend using when adding salt to your diet because iodine is vital for proper thyroid function.
If you sweat heavily, you can lose up to 100mcg of iodine per hour of exercise. Your body needs iodine for healthy and optimal thyroid function.
If you are not tracking your salt levels, you could be salt deficient, contributing to your underperforming thyroid.
How Much Sodium Per Day To Lose Weight? If you are active, this is what I recommend below. If you are not active, then stop being lazy and get active. Regrets hurt worse when your time is up here.
I recommend starting with 2 grams of salt for every 1/2 gallon of water you consume. If you are a hard-training athlete or weekend warrior, I start at 4 grams per 1/2 gallon. I know my sweet spot is 6 grams of salt a day. I feel great, and my health reflects that.
Hopefully, this shows you the other side of the coin to consider when correcting insulin resistance, thyroid health, and blood pressure issues.
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